Life after American Idol has consisted of rest, relaxation, and readying his army for another television take over. That’s right. Simon Cowell is back and he’s heading your way with the premiere of X Factor USA tonight on FOX.

Simon has been off the US airwaves since his departure from American Idol after its 2010 season but is ready to come back and wow us all, so he says. I’m hoping for some big action on X Factor 2011 so lets see what he can deliver.

X Factor will consist of four judges, including Simon, and like Idol there will be a series of auditions proceeding on to downselects and eventually live competitions. The process should be a little unique as the judges will each take on a group of singers, either young males or females, ensembles, and older performers, to mentor them ahead of the live shows. Judges will also have more influence over who comes home so we can avoid a Daughtry or Pia disaster repeat.

Best of luck to Simon and X Factor USA!

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