Sorry, guys. Kristy Lee Cook is off the market. The country singing, wanna-be Idol might have been voted off American Idol on Wednesday but her boyfriend Andrew made it up to her by proposing. Turns out this wasn’t the first time they got engaged though, according to US Magazine:

Cook, 24, said her 25-year-old beau, Andrew Dobner, first popped the question on March 17.

They kept the news “on the down-low” because “I just wanted to be focused on Idol,” the Oregon native told in a conference call Thursday.

He then proposed again last night on Idol.

“He actually got down on his knee this time,” she said. “He owed it to me!”

Classy. He got down on a knee this time. As compared to what the first time? Well good for him. I imagine after realizing his good looking girlfriend was being watched by millions of other men it was time to lock that one down!

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