After American Idol 2008 starts on January 15th & 16th there will be weeks of painful but funny auditions. The real performances will begin in mid February and continue as detailed below:

Feb. 12: First Hollywood round.
Feb. 13: Top 24 singers announced.
Feb. 19: Top 12 males sing.
Feb. 20: Top 12 females sing.
Feb. 21: Results show with four performers ejected.
Feb. 26: Top 10 males sing.
Feb. 27: Top 10 females sing.
Feb. 28: Results show with four performers ejected.
March 4: Top eight males sing.
March 5: Top eight females sing.
March 6: Four more ejections; top 12 revealed.
March 11: Top 12 perform.
March 12: One performer ejected.

There on we’ll have the remaining top performances each week followed by a vote off the next night.

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